Helping out

There are several ways you can help in making YAGPDB better!

  • Supporting us through Patreon

  • Writing documentation. The bot needs documentation - More details below

  • Help out other people on Discord

  • Writing code.

Writing the documentation

YAGPDB is one of the more complicated bots out there. Therefore, a lot of documentation is needed for people to fully utilize and understand the features the bot provides.

If you're interested in adding things to the documentation, contact us on our support server.

Writing code for the bot

You can also write code for the bot - it's open source. The bot is written in Go and you can view its code on GitHub. Please only add features if you really know how to write code in go. If you don't know how to change files on GitHub, watch this tutorial.

Helping out on the support server

If you are knowledgeable about the bot and you want to help others then join the support server and start helping out. If you are active and helpful on the server, we may ask you to come on board as a support staff.

Alternatively, if you think you meet the following requirements, you can fill in this application form here.

  • Been on the server and active for at least 2 weeks

  • Able to show initiative in troubleshooting problems and handling general queries

  • Able to deal with circumstances on your own and trust your own judgments

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