Every single dollar donated is put into alleviating the cost of hosting.


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Patreon is the most consistent way for you to support the bot and the best to get rewards from us for supporting the bot; such as premium servers, priority support, and exclusive giveaways. Please take a moment to check out our Patreon and consider donating.


We rent out the lower left corner of the dashboard to help pay the cost of running YAGPDB. If you want to rent that spot, then feel free to contact us, either by email ([email protected]) or on Discord (Jonas747#0001).

Here are some details on that spot:

  • The control panel pages get around 600k views per week, over 4k unique users daily and 80k unique monthly.

  • The current price is fixed at $3 per day, we do not have any system for ad stats, such as click-through in place yet, so it's a constant for now.

  • The size is 290x225

    • The reason that it is so small is that it is always visible (it's statically positioned).

  • We only allow a static image or a not-very-annoying video (muted or gif).

    • We do not allow i-frames or anything like that.