Give the sound a name. This name will be shown in the list to play later on. Avoid giving duplicated names for easier reference.

Required role

Choose to require users to have a role in order to play this sound.

Upload file

Do NOT fill in the URL if you are going uploaded from local files, and vice versa.

You have two options to upload sounds:

  • Upload with local files

  • Specify a URL

Upload with local files

Click on Choose file and select an audio file to upload. All types of sound files, including videos with sound tracks, are supported.

Specify a URL

You can also specify a sound URL instead of uploading one.

This has to be the direct link to the media file, and not a YouTube link. A direct link should end with.mp3(or other relevant audio/video type), such as


Click on Upload/Download after you are done with the previous steps. You should see a Success notification when the upload is completed. Check the status of the sound under Existing sounds. Wait for several minutes, and press Save again if the status does not show Ready.

Playing sounds

You can check for an available list of sounds with the -soundboard command. Then, play it with the -sb <sound name> command. Make sure that YAGPDB has the right permissions (i.e. connect to and speak in the voice channel).

Deleting sounds

You can delete sounds from the control panel. Look for the desired sound name under Existing sounds and press Delete to remove it from the list.

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