Building the bot

Getting the files ready

If you want to build the bot it is most likely that you want to use your own files so first you need to edit the Dockerfile to use your locally available files by uncommenting the following line (upstream link)

# Uncomment during development

Starting the build

Then you need to build the bot and make it ready for usage with docker using either the Compose method or the native docker build.

  1. Change directory to yagpdb_docker

  2. Run docker-compose build --force-rm --no-cache --pull

  1. Change directory to yagpdb_docker

  2. Run docker build . --tag=yagpdb --pull --force-rm --no-cache

Using the built image

Now you can start using the image you have built by running

docker-compose up -d

If you have built the image with the native build command you will need to add to the yagpdb and run the above mentioned command.